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About Atompix

Atompix is one of the newest technologies available in the industry for B2B trading services. Its innovative trading functions and cutting edge features have made Atompix a leading platform for new and experienced brokers.

Atompix is built from over 500 employees across 6 offices worldwide. With currently over 160,000 active users, Atompix is growing faster than any other trading platform in the industry.

Our aim is to help businesses access the financial markets with less time and money by offering full brokerage services to companies without the need of any additional software.

Atompix Trading Platform
The Complete Trading Solution

Our superior trading technology helps businesses access the financial markets with less time and effort by offering the trading platform as a complete ready-to-use solution, without the need for any additional trading software. Atompix is a modern platform for forex, cryptocurrencies and many other trading assets.

  • Attractive prices
  • Superior trading technology
  • Premium technology
  • Multi-language support
  •  High performance guaranteed
  •  Customer support
  •  Variety of trading tools
  •  Ease of use & installation
  •  Support of multiple trading accounts

3 thoughts on “ATOMPIX REVIEW

  1. The Atompix platform hooked me with its simplicity. There is a modern, clear interface, ease of installation, the use of this terminal will not be difficult. This platform is ideal for beginner traders who are just getting into trading. Here you can practice on a demo account, understand the indicators and the versatility of this platform. I started with this platform, helped by the help videos that Atompix provides. I highly recommend this platform!

  2. I think that the Atompix terminal is worthy of attention. Started working through them with $300. I traded with this amount for about 3 months, so that I could check how serious this company is (after this trial period, I replenished up to 5k). Before that, I worked for one of the most popular platforms (whose name I can’t write because they might be counted as advertising). There, my head was filled with the wrong things, constant clarification of some problems. If you want to call the support service, which is almost impossible, then they will answer you there in such a way that you don’t want to solve the problem – the desire to trade disappears. Atompix.com, on the contrary, does everything to ensure that you earn money, they don’t put any spokes in the wheels. I have been working with them for 10 months, during this time I can note the instant execution of orders, EXCELLENT support work. For me, these components are indicative.

  3. Hello , I completely agree with you. The terminal is really cool, of course, I haven’t been working through them for as long as you, but I have already drawn conclusions for myself. I started with a demo account, and in just a couple of weeks I got acquainted with their platform. Everything is done in minimalism, there is nothing superfluous. Atompix is ​​one of the top platforms I have traded on. I am glad that my broker started working through Atompiks.

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