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Earn money everywhere with CapitalCR

With the mobile version of our platform you can earn money anytime and anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse: instant information on closing deals, promotions and tournaments.

Do you want to earn money by trading on the stock exchange without risk?

To make a profit, there is no need to buy the asset itself. You just need to enter into the transaction, make the correct forecast, the price will rise or fall. The size of the price change is not necessary to determine – only the direction.

Suggest You to start with CapitalCR with the section “History and mission of the company.” If You decide to use the services of the company, be sure to thoroughly study the section ” Terms and agreements”. You can contact the specialists of the company or visit our office by finding the necessary information in the “Contacts” section.

We hope that Your cooperation with CapitalCR there will be long term and will make every effort to make the most of its best!

4 thoughts on “CAPITAL REVIEW

  1. I am writing my review for those who are still hoping for something. DO NOT! These crooks will not return your money to you, and even more so they will not let you earn something. In general, the other day I found out that this office does not exist on paper. Gathered a flock of swindlers, quickly put together a website and fool people.

  2. spreads are not up. for some reason they close positions forcibly only at night. check these contracts is not realistic. gave at the beginning of 60 euros, the result lost 250 euros. lost two pensions. From support only a robot, with replies. HORROR do not be fooled, deceived.

  3. I have never seen such arrogance. I have been working for this sharashka office for about two weeks and noticed that for the second time I lost 100 bucks from my balance. The first time I thought that it seemed to me or I forgot that I used them. Especially before the end of the session, I wrote down on a piece of paper the amount that I had left. And in the morning I discovered that again I had less than 100 dollars. Technical support does not respond as if on purpose. CRAFTS!

  4. Capital also deceived me, but not as a trader… I was looking for a job, I wanted to get a job as a consultant or a paper specialist, and posted my resume on one resource. A few days later they called me from this office and said that they were just looking for a person who would deal with organizational issues. The salary and working conditions are great, so of course I agreed. I didn’t read reviews about them, because I wasn’t going to use their services, but in vain … the next day I started work. There was nothing difficult, I was not loaded, I completed several tasks. And by the way! They said that the salary would be paid weekly, so at the end of the week they called me and asked for a card number. Then they said that they could not transfer money, since their system was hanging, they would try to bypass it, but for this I need to send them the same amount as my salary (this is 30 thousand rubles). I had no doubts and listed. And that’s it, I couldn’t get through to them anymore. just threw it all. And what can I prove to anyone? Nothing(

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