Website: https://getthx.com

Phone: +357 96 670510

Address: Handelsbank Elsenheimer Str. 41 München 80687 Germany

Email: [email protected]

About company


At the GETT HX we offer a wide range of products and the best trading conditions. We continually invest in innovation and company personnel to meet our customers’ needs by taking a personalized approach and providing high quality service.


01 Safe deals

Our trading platform is protected by strict protocols and advanced technical measures.

02 Protection against negative balance

This protection ensures that losses on trade transactions do not exceed the size of the deposit.

03 Integrated analysis

Variety of indicators, strategies and drawing instruments for detailed market analysis.

04 Intuitive interface

The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly both for beginners and professionals in trading.

05 Cross-platform

Allows you to trade on the go. Open the mobile version of the platform and trade online.

4 thoughts on “GETT HX REVIEW

  1. There is no sense in trading on a platform owned by scammers. These bastards will do anything to rob you to the last thread. And when you start to resent and demand to return at least your hard-earned money, they immediately block the account. After that, the entrance to the personal account is blocked, and the crooks themselves stop making contact.

  2. Friends, stay away from this crook. I’ve installed software for remote access on their recommendation. Not only did I lose all the funds, the deposit was arbitrarily lowered, but now I have to endure constant spam from other scammers. These bastards are completely crazy, they swore by their mother that they would help in trade and increase capital. Liars!!

  3. GETT HX makes generous promises, but what’s the use of this if the office is not going to fulfill them a priori. She has one task – to lure as many money from clients as possible and that’s it. I do not advise you to risk and deal with this fake broker. From personal experience, I can say that it will cost your capital too much.

  4. I really regretted that I made a hasty decision to register on the GETT HX platform. These rascals not only robbed me. I lowered almost 2,000 dollars here when I was led by their fake quotes, and they also convinced me to take a loan from a bank in order to “recoup”. With a terminal controlled by scammers, it is unrealistic to make money, but I realized this only when I had already lost my funds. Don’t repeat my mistakes.

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