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The notary office is a place where the most important issues come to solve. It is here that large transactions are concluded daily, agreements are drawn up and a power of attorney is signed that can change the lives of many people. How honest each operation will be, largely depends on the notary. A professional with extensive experience will not allow deception and will warn customers about possible consequences.

This is how the office of the city of Moscow Viktoria Alekseevna King works. Before the consultation or signing of documents, all materials are thoroughly studied, regardless of the volume and nature of the service provided.

Our principles:
Responsibility. We guarantee the high quality of the service – your business in reliable hands.
Individual approach. We are equally attentive to each client, whether it be a large commercial company or an individual. We carefully work out every detail and warn about possible risks.
Availability. It is convenient to work with us: the office is located on the Arbat, nearby is an excellent parking. You can calmly discuss cases in a comfortable office or conclude a deal in a separate negotiation. If necessary, the notary will come to your office.
Turning to us once, you will want to return to us again – the notary will become your reliable partner and will help protect your rights in any situation.

+7 (499) 929-50-49
Moscow, Skatertnyy Lane, 5, p. 2

2 thoughts on “Notary Kоrol Victoria Alekseevna reviews

  1. The notary’s utter lack of cooperation emerged as a significant obstacle in my dealings with them. Their unwillingness to accommodate even the most reasonable requests left me grappling with unresolved questions and unaddressed concerns, ultimately hindering the efficiency of the entire process. This unfortunate display of inflexibility cast a shadow over what should have been a straightforward and smooth transaction.

  2. Compounding the frustration was the notary’s refusal to heed my instructions, opting instead to act at their own discretion. This disregard for my specific needs and requirements led to avoidable problems and delays, further amplifying the sense of dissatisfaction with their services.

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