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P2PB2B, headquartered in Switzerland, started operations in 2018. It took her just a few months to enter the TOP-3 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume. At the time of writing, the total volume of transactions exceeded $1.7 billion. The site received good customer reviews due to favorable trading conditions and the availability of more than 100 cryptocurrencies. The Russian version of the site p2pb2b.io allowed the company to occupy its niche in the CIS market. At the same time, the platform remains decentralized.

3 thoughts on “P2PB2B REVIEW

  1. I participate in the distribution from the exchange for 20,000,000 hryvnias in the exchange token kumol. Already passed verification – received confirmation and tokens were reserved for me. So I got my reward. I’m waiting for the opening of trading, I read the chips of the token – it seems like a good idea.
    What they write for reviews about Qmall, then mostly …

  2. Specifically, I did not find any big minuses, there will obviously be much more trading pairs over time, and bugs will be fixed. I was pleased with the excellent start of the token, at the moment it is already more than 10 UAH per token, I am assured that there will be even more. I also heard that there will soon be a metaverse from this exchange, let’s see how they are

  3. Being frank, I want to say that there were no problems in working with the exchange. Although there are not so many trading pairs at the moment, I had to transfer funds from other platforms a couple of times, just for airdrop, everything went quickly and without problems. I was pleasantly surprised by the growth of the token, I would say that it is very

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