Website: https://www.wildberries.ru/

Telephone: +7 926 179 98 00

Address: Moscow region, Leninsky district, Milkovo village, possession 1

About company:

Wildberries is one of the largest online stores of fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, which has been in existence for 12 years! From year to year we continue to develop, expand the geography of our presence and improve the quality of service to please you every day!
OOO “Wildberry” – manager: Bakalchuk Tatyana Vladimirovna (TIN 507203757508). TIN 7721546864, PSRN 1067746062449. OKPO 79490869, registered on January 17, 2006 at the legal address 142181, Moscow Region, Koledino, ter. Industrial Park Koledino, 6 building 1. The amount of the authorized capital is 10,110,000 rubles. Status: valid since 01/17/2006.
Previously, LLC “Wildberry” was located at the address: 142715, Moscow region, Leninsky district, Milkovo village, vl.1.
The company has been operating for 16 years 6 months, from January 17, 2006 to the present. In the extract of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the founders indicate 2 individuals. The main activity of “Wildberry” is retail trade, carried out directly with the help of the information and communication network Internet and 49 additional types.
Registered with the tax authority Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 5 for the Moscow Region since January 29, 2021, assigned to KPP 507401001. PFR registration number 060036058532, FSS 771601702350421.

3 thoughts on “Wildberries  Review

  1. When ordering sneakers of a well-known brand of size 46, skis of size 47 came, and even of dubious quality, but that’s still nothing. If you canceled the purchase in the application, the refund was displayed instantly, but nothing was transferred to the card account. When contacting the bank’s support, it turned out that the money was frozen and held on the internal account by the seller. The bank can return the funds only after the expiration of the 10-day period, or you can send a letter to the seller to unfreeze the funds before this period. But, the bot answers all letters and does not give any necessary information, only standard unsubscribes. There are no phone numbers to contact the seller either. It remains only to wait for the money to be returned to you, if at all (and such cases have happened more than once, not with me, of course). Previously, when paying in cash, it was more convenient, I liked the thing, I paid, I didn’t like it, I refused. Now you are just waiting for your own money when you refuse to buy, because the seller keeps them without explaining the reasons.

  2. It used to be a good store, now there are only problems. Both in equipment and maintenance. Previously, it was possible to contact the store and quickly solve the problem. Now they have written off the payment twice and one formal replies, wait for a decision, provide extracts, etc. Disregard for customers, leave, oh well

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