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3 thoughts on “Allanitefund Review

  1. I have repeatedly withdrawn profit from this platform, respect and respect for payment discipline. With trade, everything is also okay, so I am ready to safely recommend this intermediary to others. He does not fail. Who is interested, ready to share the affiliate code.

  2. The broker is unregulated, what kind of honesty and best prices can we talk about? He doesn’t even have access to the interbank market. It all comes down to the fact that you need to throw some money, and then another and another. Scammers are great at imitating the trading process. I realized the essence of the fraud only when, when I tried to withdraw funds, my account was immediately blocked.

  3. I have not yet understood what this Allanitefund is. If we talk about the terminal and customer service, then I didn’t notice any problems here. Trade goes on more or less. Transactions, although not always profitable, did not go into a hard minus. I’ll see what happens next. A little annoying is the fact that this broker has no license in the Russian Federation. Who knows how honest he will be.

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