ATC Brokers is an ECN brokerage firm offering access to trade Forex, CFDs, Metals, Cryptos, Indices, and Commodities trading products.

The company does not act as a counterparty to any of its clients and operates in an agency model with ECN aggregation and competitive pricing through top-tier banks.

In addition, ATC Brokers develops a range of solutions for various trading purposes including liquidity providing and institutional trading, as well as vast opportunities for professional traders. Also, the broker offers tools to manage multiple trading through MAM accounts that bring custom software solutions.

4 thoughts on “ATC Brokers Review

  1. They love to play games with your account – requotes, slippage, and sudden margin calls. It’s like a casino rigged against you.

  2. I wish I could give them zero stars. This broker deserves a special place in trading hell for their deceitful practices and utter lack of professionalism.

  3. If you’re thinking about using this broker, save yourself the frustration and burn your money instead. It’s a faster way to lose it.

  4. Started chatting with a girl on social media. After several days of communication, she unobtrusively said that she was trading on the stock exchange. I became interested. Then I called with one “analyst”, then with another, as if more cool. You supposedly start trading there. They show you that you are always in the black on deals. Then they will even let you withdraw 50 dollars to the card, with an intermediate purchase of a crypt, for example, on ByBit. But in the end, everything will be taken away. And don’t expect to have any left. I was swindled out of $20k. This is a scammer, nothing more to say.

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