Website: https://atlantiscex.com

About company:

Atlantis Exchange is a blockchain-based, high-tech and high-speed platform that allows MILLIONS of global users to easily buy, sell, store, and earn the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies in addition to fiat money such as US dollars based on its secured website and mobile APP,

Atlantis Exchange is a member-focused and performance-oriented open platform. Any individual or business entity may easily register with it and start trading of cryptocurrencies in minutes. It provides users from more than 100 countries and territories with an easy to use, fast, low-cost, reliable, succinct but secure environment for digital asset trading based on the latest MIT’s blockchain technology:

1) As a market matching platform, it charges a COMPARATIVELY LOWER transaction fee than almost all other world-class exchanges in the world to benefit its users.

2) It offers BIG amount of rewards, bonuses and discounts to its users who have referred others to trade at Atlantis Exchange from time to time.

As a lawful business registered with the United Nations and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Atlantis Exchange supports both crypto-crypto trading and crypto-USD trading. It accepts fiat currencies via wire transfer, ACH, credit card and other forms of payment in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Any of its activities are in compliance with the U.S. law. Any of its users shall complete the KYC (know-your-customer) Verifications prior to withdrawal of funds from the platform.

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