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Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches is a company that specializes in acquiring and delivering cars from auctions in Europe. On their official website, you will find detailed information about the services offered. Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches provides customers with the opportunity to choose and purchase cars of different makes and models at automotive auctions across Europe. Collaborating with various auctions, they have access to diverse cars. The team of experts is always ready to provide professional assistance and consultations at every stage of the purchase process, including selection, assessment, legal documentation, and delivery.

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96 thoughts on “Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches Reviews

  1. When I finally paid the full amount, I was informed that my car was already loaded onto the ship to be sent to me. I felt very excited because I wanted to get my car as quickly as possible. However, the delivery was faster than I expected. I’m happy with the car.

  2. In order to get my car faster, I made a down payment and tried to pay the remaining amount as soon as possible. I understood that the faster I made the calculations, the faster I would get my new car.

  3. I am very pleased with my purchase from this auction. It was very easy to arrange everything, and the cryptocurrency transfer was fast and safe. I was pleasantly surprised when my car was delivered in 29 days, which was much faster than I expected.

  4. Everything was organized at the highest level, and I feel confident that I made the right choice when I chose this auto auction. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and acquaintances who are interested in buying a car.

  5. Everything is great. The car has been won. The remaining amount (except for the advance payment that I paid when I signed the contract) I decided to pay immediately so as not to delay delivery. Of course, I was a little nervous, but everything went smoothly and my car was loaded onto a ship to be sent to me. Bought at auction MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 for 118000€

  6. When I finally paid the full amount, I was informed that my car was loaded onto a ship to be sent to me. I was worried because I wanted to get my car as quickly as possible. However, to my surprise, the delivery was very prompt. Just 29 days later I had my new car in Dubai.

  7. In order to expedite the receipt of my new car, I made a down payment and tried to make the remaining payment as quickly as possible. I understood that the sooner I paid for my car, the sooner I could enjoy it.

  8. Received the car personally from the port of Jeddah and was pleasantly surprised by its excellent condition. Everything was clearly described in the auction ad and I got exactly what I ordered. Thank you

  9. What can I say, the delivery actually took about 29 days from the moment the car was released by sea, there was also a slight delay in the loading port. Upon arrival, customs clearance was quick. I recommend the company.

  10. Good afternoon. For a long time I was looking for a company to order a car from abroad. I learned about this company from a colleague and settled on it. Everything went more than great!

  11. Shocked by the state of the car, I did not even expect that everything would be so wonderful. Thanks for the great work! Now I drive the most beautiful car that I dreamed about.

  12. I want to thank the company for the services rendered in the purchase of two cars. Cars were bought with a difference of one year. Bought for the first time in my life remotely and from an auction in Europe. I paid both the advance payment and the final amount for the car before loading onto the ship by SWIFT transfer. Cars are delivered on average in 4 weeks.

  13. Bought a Land Rover Range Rover, 2023, 4.4 Gasoline. After signing the contract and paying for the car, a couple of weeks and I have the car in Abu Dhabi.

  14. I thought that the process of delivering the car itself would take longer, but no, they delivered the bought Audi RS7 in 4 weeks. Before loading onto a container ship, they sent transport documents for loading my car, a photo report, and I paid for the car.

  15. Everything turned out just as I expected. The car was delivered safe and sound, the terms were not violated. At the conclusion of the contract, he paid a third of the cost of the car, the rest upon loading the car onto the ship. I definitely recommend the company.

  16. The company was chosen for a long time, since before that there was no experience of ordering from an auction. This company was recommended by a colleague. I read reviews about them, watched YouTube (this also partly played in favor of the decision to choose them!

  17. Bought a 2023 Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 Gasoline. After signing the contract and paying for the car, 4 weeks and I have a Land Rover in Abu Dhabi.

  18. Remotely concluded an agreement with the company, paid 30% of the cost of the car on the site. On the same day, my car was purchased in my name and sent to the port of UAE Jebel Ali. Before loading, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  19. Purchasing my new Mercedes at an auction turned out to be a high-quality and safe process. The company genuinely cares about its customers and provides a high level of service.

  20. The entire process of delivering my auction cars took only 24 days. The company demonstrated excellent expertise in handling all organizational matters. Port services assisted me in retrieving the car without any issues. The entire process was well-organized and free of delays. My sincere thanks to the entire company’s team!

  21. I paid a down payment when signing the contract, and after receiving the loading report and transport documents, I paid the remaining amount. The delivery on a container ship took only 4 weeks, which was very fast.

  22. Cooperation with the company turned out to be very successful. Signed a remote contract and paid for my car at the auction. The company quickly coped with the subsequent stages – purchase, preparation for shipment and delivery. I recommend!

  23. Compiling a report based on photos and videos, as well as transaction support, everything was done at the highest level. Collaborating with this company brought me immense pleasure! I will definitely recommend your firm to my acquaintances and friends.

  24. I bought a car from an auction and am very pleased with the result. I signed a remote contract and paid for my car myself. The company promptly prepared and delivered it to me. The transaction went smoothly, thanks for the professionalism and efficiency!

  25. Hello, everyone! Bought an Audi RSQ8 2022, 4.0 Benzin, fully equipped! The car arrived in Saudi Arabia within 28 days, as stipulated in the contract. Thanks for the car!

  26. The purchase was made entirely online, which I really liked! Bought a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. In the UAE, the car was delivered to the port of Jebel Ali in four weeks, and I picked up the car there.

  27. Great team! Signed a remote contract for the purchase of a car from an auction. The company provided full support at all stages. Delivery went without delay, I received my car in excellent condition. I recommend!

  28. I entered into an installment agreement, and everything was processed promptly. I made a down payment (40%) and finalized the contract for the car’s delivery to Chicago.

  29. The Land Rover Range Rover, 2023, 3.0, cost me €142,000. The car arrived in perfect condition, with very low mileage of only 1,604 km. The car was found very quickly and purchased within three days. It was delivered to the port in Kuwait in 30 days. Excellent condition.

  30. Thanks to the company for helping me make my dream come true. Everything was organized perfectly and I felt completely confident in the process of purchasing and delivering the car.

  31. I’ve known the company for two years, and I can say that it’s excellent. Throughout this period, they have been successfully developing, and their level of service has become even better. I have used their services several times and have been satisfied. They brought me several cars, and their support prices and responsibility are reasonable and fair.

  32. It’s a top-notch European company. Everything is in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract. They never deceived me, neither in terms of price nor delivery times. Highly recommend.

  33. Many thanks to the company for their help in buying a car at the auction! I paid an advance payment, and after buying a car I paid the remaining amount. The company arranged a fast delivery and I received my car in perfect condition. Impeccable service!

  34. Overall, I am more than satisfied with working with the company, even considering the slight delay in loading the car at the European port. Special thanks to the manager, and of course, I recommend this company.

  35. The payment system at the auction, where I had to make a 30% down payment when signing the contract and make the final payment before loading and shipping the car to me, proved to be convenient and transparent.

  36. Making the down payment and providing a loading report made the entire transaction process reliable. My car arrived in excellent condition, and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  37. I opted for a self-payment method for my auction car via SWIFT transfer. This payment method proved to be safe and convenient, giving me confidence in protecting my financial data. Initially, I made a 30% down payment of the car’s cost, after which the car was successfully acquired and prepared for shipment. The remaining amount was paid, and the car was securely packaged and shipped to me by vessel.

  38. Purchasing a car with the help of a company at an auction turned out to be very convenient. Paid an advance payment and after buying a car paid the remaining amount. The company promptly delivered my car and I am already enjoying it on the roads. Thank you!

  39. Before buying, I studied the market and realized that it is better to buy from an auction and best of all in Europe, since the prices for cars there are significantly lower than in our Dubai. I made the right choice of company! I will recommend them!

  40. I didn’t even expect that for such money you can buy such a cool car. If anyone is not yet in the know, then I will tell you that you can buy very cool cars in Europe, if you know about auctions and how they work, I found my Porsche 911 at an auction. I am incredibly happy with the result.

  41. I decided to choose this company to purchase a car at auction and was pleased with every step of the process. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were convenient and transparent. My car just looks great!

  42. This experience of buying a car at auction in Europe turned out to be truly excellent. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer went smoothly and without any surprises. My car was delivered exactly on time and in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the result!

  43. It was my first time buying through them. I bought a Ferrari 296, 2022, 3.9, a car I had long dreamed of. I paid €238,000 for it. In the UAE, the ship with my car arrived 28 days after exporting the car from the auction.

  44. It took 3 days from the auction to loading onto the ship. They do everything very promptly. The company independently took my car from the auction and sent it to me in Geneva.

  45. I received the car, and so far, I am satisfied with everything. No issues have arisen in a couple of months. I paid only 30%, and the rest after the car was purchased and sent to the port for loading and dispatch to me as the owner; at that moment, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  46. Bought a Rolls-Royce Wraith, 2020, 6.7 Benzin for 189,000 euros. The company has excellent prices for cars. Satisfied with the company! Thank you so much for delivering to Paris!

  47. I think it’s safe to recommend. I paid only 30% of the car’s cost, and the remaining amount for the car was paid when they provided me with the transportation documents and the loading report for my car before loading it onto the ship.

  48. The company handled buying my car at auction and getting it ready for shipping quickly and efficiently. I paid for my car myself and received all the necessary documents. Everything went smoothly, thanks for the work

  49. Everything is quite transparent
    the contract, the manager describes in detail all the stages of work. I bought the car from the auction quickly. In general, I am waiting for delivery from day to day, they are transporting me by container ship to the port of Jeddah

  50. Received transport documents and successfully made payment for the car before it was loaded onto the ship. I knew it was in good hands!

  51. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase a vehicle. The guys have no complaints, their customers can pay for the car in cryptocurrency, which is a convenient solution in the modern world.

  52. Now a Land Rover Defender is in my garage. The deal went smoothly, the price of the car remained unchanged, and the installment plan provides for a 40% down payment.

  53. I will say to all critics: it is good to be good when you do nothing and you are not responsible for anything! Every job has nuances. Just when concluding a contract, you should HEAR what they say to you and READ what is written in the contract. If you don’t like it, move on! Satisfied with cooperation!

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