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AzimuthTrade acts as an intermediary broker providing traders with a modern trading platform for trading. Here you can work with currency pairs, stocks of US, European and Asian companies, stock indices, stock commodities. Currently, the number of clients of this company exceeds 11,000 people, and the daily turnover is more than $50,000. At the same time, the broker works without a license from regulators and financial commissions. Trading conditions WebTrader platform is used as a terminal. The platform allows traders to apply technical and graphical analysis, indicators, limit orders. There is a history of transactions and detailed statistics, mobile versions for Android/iOS. The webtrader has a built-in news feed that is updated in real time and a calendar of economic events. Before starting trading in AzimuthTrade, you must select an account type: Mini. Requires a minimum deposit of $500. The tariff includes basic training, the maximum number of orders at a time is up to 10, there is protection from a negative balance. Standard. At least $1000. The tutorials are more advanced. Classic. From 5000$. Additionally, there are signals for transactions, the commission for replenishing the account is zero. VIP. For capitals over $10,000. Professional training, all assets, transaction limit 40 pcs. Conclusions Reviews about AzimuthTrade on the Internet are ambiguous and very different. Below you can leave your comment about this broker, adding all its pros and cons. Source: https://otzyvdengi.com/azimuthtrade/

3 thoughts on “AzimuthTrade Review

  1. I decided to use the tutorial. So far, they only tell me what and how, so I can’t draw any unambiguous conclusions. They said that the consultations are free, although I read somewhere that they then still take some amount. Well let’s see

  2. I recommend Azimuth Trade to everyone! This is a decent broker that keeps its promises. I have been trading on the site for a long time and there were no incidents. Nobody violated my rights either, so I personally have nothing to complain about the broker.

  3. I immediately realized that Azimuth Trade was a scam. Well, think about it, I phoned support, started asking what guarantees they give – and in response, lowing and moving on to another topic. I decided to ask the Central Bank and there I was “pleased”. they said that they are crooks, like many others, and they do not have permits to work in our country. here we come…

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