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About company:

Crypto wallet Bitgo provides services for the exchange, storage, sending and receiving of various types of electronic money.
List of supported coins
Bitgo allows you to open wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, Algorand, EOS, Bitcoin Gold.
In addition, the site announced a partnership with more than 200 coins of various types. Among the supported currencies, there are those whose accumulation allows you to receive income from 7% to 13% in the deposit format.
How to use the Bitgo wallet
The wallet only works in the browser. To register, you need to go to the official website bitgo.com, fill in all the fields, enter personal data and indicate the contact phone number, mail.
Bitgo offers two authentication formats: Google Authenticator and Yubikey. The user can choose the one that is most convenient for him. After registration is completed, a login key will be sent to the mail.
Getting into the personal account, the user creates an account for a certain currency or even several. Each new account must have its original name and its own Backup Key. It is recommended to duplicate all login information in a safe place.
To send funds, go to the “Send” tab. The address of the storage, the size of the transfer are indicated there, you can add a comment for the recipient.
The request for money is in the “Receive” tab. By going to this section, the user receives a unique public wallet address. It should be sent to the sender. It is convenient that this address is generated every time on a new one.
Bitgo limits and fees
For all outgoing transactions, the wallet charges a commission in the amount of 0.25% of the transfer body. For transactions with Bitcoin Gold, the commission is 1%. The miner also charges a commission, which is calculated depending on the workload of the platform.
Bitgo focuses on platform security. Accounts and assets are reportedly protected by the innovation system. The service has the option of anonymizing transfers. Both private and confidential transactions are possible. All client information is encrypted.
Accounts are under three keys:
Client key – created by the client, stored only by him, used to initiate all processes and operations.
Backup key – generated automatically and stored offline, used for emergency access recovery.
BitGo – used to confirm transactions after all company policy rules have been met.
BitGo stores funds in a cold format. The platform has an insurance reserve of $100 million.
BitGo is known to be used by BitBay, Bitstamp and UPbit, Ripple, Civic, CME Group, Genesis, Celsius platforms.
Before starting a BitGo wallet, it is recommended to read the reviews.

3 thoughts on “Bitgo  Review

  1. I do not advise this broker at all, he stupidly throws people, does not withdraw money and just bans accounts when you start winning. Exactly a week ago, I put $60 on withdrawal and now they write to me every day that they will withdraw soon, wait! Worst and worst broker ever! You can see a lot of such reviews!

  2. Hello! I have a similar problem. I didn’t receive a password reset email. Tried to register an account again. I’m waiting for a letter from them to restore the two-factor. I have a cue ball stuck there. Did you somehow manage to resolve this problem?

  3. In general, I do not recommend this wallet for storing cryptocurrency. Prehistory. I registered a wallet on Bitgo in 17 and slowly poured cryptocurrency into it. Everything was fine until the fall of 2020. I decided to check my crypt, I want to log into the system, but she writes me the wrong email or password, it’s strange that I didn’t change the password, the letter with the password change too, okay, I think I’ll restore it through the recovery form to the mail, I’m waiting letters – the letter does not come, I write to technical support – they wrote to me they say they sent us their data, we’ll see and no matter how much they wrote everything to no purpose. In general, I solved the problem myself – I had to send the registration form (re-register for the same email). And it seems that happiness is here – to get access to your crypt, but no. My wallets were frozen until 2060, I write again to support and again there is no answer. Dead end. But ask me a question – do you have a key card to restore your funds when registering a wallet, that is, it is of no use to him. To restore your crypt with it, you need deep knowledge of programming and, in particular, the crypt itself. But there is a bit-go utility, yes, but it doesn’t work with litecoin, but with bitcoin it gives you a file with json resolution and do whatever you want with it (no private keys, no seed phrase, nothing). Bottom line – do not repeat my mistakes bypassing this office, you should always have private keys, otherwise you will lose access to your crypt.

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