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About company:

Launched in July, 2021, BTCEX is a full-category digital asset trading platform. From beginner-friendly copy trading to crypto derivatives such as perpetual contracts, BTCEX has built a comprehensive product line, dedicated to empowering investors to make a better future.
Registered in Seychelles, BTCEX has obtained key licences in countries like Canada, Lithuania, and Estonia. Now BTCEX has more than 200 employees, with offices located in Canada, Singapore, Hongkong and Dubai.

3 thoughts on “BTCEX Review

  1. Sometimes I traded, but each time I became more and more disappointed in the stock exchange. The site was wildly slow, because of this, several transactions simply fell through with an interval of literally ten seconds. It’s a shame, damn it!! it’s not even my fault. Several conclusions for a ridiculous amount have been hanging for the third day. Although there is a status in the wallet that the application is approved. A bot answers the phone. BTCEX has gone bad guys! They were better before.

  2. I do not recommend BTCEX to anyone. Merged immediately after replenishment of the deposit account. Lost money and I’m not a millionaire. The support service is naturally unavailable. All desire to trade repulsed.

  3. I put money on a deposit, a month later I got a plus and decided to withdraw part of it. But it was not there. They don’t let you withdraw, like the amount is small. Okay, I traded and saved up some more. I submitted an application a month later (the balance increased by 2.5 times exactly), my application was considered for 3 days and then refused for some unknown reason. I tried to get an answer in order to understand what to fix – the account was suspended. Evil is missing!!! It’s a shame not even for money, but for wasted time!!! BTCEX, have a conscience in the end!

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