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The Bullquote CFD Trading Platform

As a Bullquote trader, you will gain access to one of the industry’s most powerful and intuitive trading platforms. Our platform comes packed with comprehensive tools, educational materials and resources. This gives you the means and knowledge required to achieve success in your trading endeavours.

Our platform’s interface has been designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible which allows traders of all experience levels to easily use our powerful features. You will also have access to a large menu of trading tools and technical indicators that will assist you in making accurate trading decisions. Even if you are new to the online trading world, you will be able to use and navigate the Bullquote trading platform with ease.

3 thoughts on “Bullquote Review

  1. Cunning ass swindlers stole my capital! 2 days ago, almost 700 bucks were on the account, and in the morning it was already 0.00. What kind of Copperfields are sitting there, hoping that the trader will not notice anything or what?! Moreover, technical support stuck the language in one place, they have not answered a single message since then. Well, nothing, I’m not going to leave it like that, there must be some way to bring these freaks to justice! Bullquote I still dance, guys contacted the wrong one!

  2. we need such fucking “brokers”! Of course, I worked with various intermediaries, but such carelessness is encountered for the first time. you’ll pass the verification, the support has already stuck with its rudeness, and the money is constantly being pulled out not for a dick! let them all go!

  3. If there was a time when Bullquote was respected, they are long gone. And this is only the fault of the administration of the site and no one else’s. When I worked with them, the initial capital was small, 1000 dollars, but it was the last money that I entrusted to them. As a result, it all ended with the fact that I did not buy into their persuasions to throw in more money (with all my desire, I physically could not), they began to threaten me with blocking the account, and then they kept their word. Draw your own conclusions.

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