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About company:

The CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2013. It ranks 58th in the world in terms of trading volume. Works with 52 coins and three fiats (euro, dollar and pound sterling). Supports spot, margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:10. As well as staking, a quick purchase of cryptocurrency and a loan. CEX.IO charges a fee of 0.5-3% for fiat deposits. The trading commission is 0.2% and is charged only from the taker. The most popular cryptocurrencies on the exchange are BTC, ETH, XRP.

3 thoughts on “CEX.IO  Review

  1. I traded here for 2 months, just a year ago, in July and August 2018. To be honest, I didn’t like it. I lost all my profits on paying commissions, and there was not enough turnover to reduce the normal commissions. By the way, it is not always possible to get to the terminal, it often happens that you go to the exchange, but it stupidly does not load. It is not clear yet where their servers are located, maybe because of this. I learned about the stock exchange back in 15, but I began to try it only in the past. And I’d rather not try. Now there are exchanges, which offer much smaller commissions, in which the range of tokens is several dozen times higher. Everything is bad here with this

  2. CEX io is a normal exchange. I trust her, so I keep part of my cryptocurrency capital on this site. This is about 20%, in terms of bitcoin, then I have about 1.5 bitcoin here. Sometimes I spin them, they sell them on highs for bucks, I buy them back on lows. I started with 1 bitcoin in general, but over time I also made 0.5 bitcoin. I like. I trust this exchange 100%, it’s not just any WEX, mtgox, which can easily get off. This exchange is controlled, everything is fine with security, it is very safe and secure to store money here.

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