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Is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet for the blockchain: open-source, decentralized and secure

3 thoughts on “Chekbit  Review

  1. Checkbit is simply an indispensable assistant for those who work with digital assets. I believe that it will be very difficult to find a better cryptocurrency wallet than this one. I tried various options myself and settled here. Never regretted his decision.

  2. And why did I just contact this office. I saw that she was somehow suspicious and was conducting a secretive policy … However, these scammers specially sent a dummy character to me, who knocked on my personal in FB and offered to share my experience. He praised this wallet so much that I decided to try it too. And what do you think? Immediately after replenishing the balance, my account was blocked. All grandmothers hung at these bred.

  3. The most annoying thing is that before Checkbit I already used another crypto wallet, but I decided that they offer more favorable conditions, so I switched. Now I really regret it, because the scammers stupidly stole my money. During the conversion, they left the balance, but not a penny came back. The scammers said that these are “temporary technical difficulties” and everything will be ok in the end. It’s been 2 weeks now and no one has returned anything to me.

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