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Cryptocurrencies are catching up with classical trading instruments by leaps and bounds, and in some cases they are already overtaking them. More and more traders are leaning towards the new economy. This is confirmed by the capitalization of some coins, which has overtaken most of the standard assets. However, as in the classical markets, one of the main factors for successful trading is considered to be a competent choice of a trading platform. In this article, we will review the Dcoin cryptocurrency exchange. Let’s try to figure out if dcoin.com can be trusted. Overview The Dcoin cryptocurrency exchange was launched in August 2018. This site was developed by crypto enthusiasts who decided to remain anonymous. It is only known that they previously worked for Google, Baidu and other world-famous IT giants.

3 thoughts on “Dcoin Review

  1. Logical behavior, but on the other hand, many young people arrange interesting conditions in order to lure more customers. Sometimes even to their own detriment. I’ve been looking at young people for a long time.

  2. I have repeatedly had problems with withdrawal. I have no idea what it was connected with, but I don’t really like waiting for a withdrawal for days!

  3. For a long time, the crypt was credited to my account, I was already thinking to say goodbye to it, but technical support insistently assured that everything was in order, and for good reason, it’s a common problem with them since they react to this. Sometimes the terminal lagged, but tolerable. And in general, there are no more complaints.

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