WEBSITE: https://devexperts.com

PHONE: +49 89 262077300

ADDRESS: Riesstrasse 18 80992 Munich, Germany

About company:

About Devexperts

Devexperts develops financial software solutions for retail and institutional brokerages, wealth-management firms, investment funds, exchanges, and insurance companies.

Who we are

Devexperts has been working for nearly two decades consulting and developing for the financial industry. We are responsible for some of the global financial industry’s most recognized and reliable technology applications.
For clients, our most important quality is our in-depth knowledge of the trading industry.

What we do

We specialize in the development of financial software and help financial industry firms grow, adapt and gain a technological advantage by providing custom software solutions and sharing our FinTech expertise. We are committed to providing an individual approach to each customer, focusing on technical excellence and on delivering the best-in-class software products.

Our mission

To provide state-of-the-art technological solutions for the global financial industry. To value absolute integrity above all in every relationship, and uphold a commitment to employee motivation and diversity, and to foster a relentless dedication to the development of technology.

3 thoughts on “Devexperts  Review

  1. Do not think that when you register an account with , you will receive a guarantee of the safety of funds. This company may have licenses from regulators. But I ended up in the jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands. And this is far from protecting traders from the machinations of the company. That’s where I got in. A buggy and messy terminal led to the fact that instead of $ 3,000, there was left on my account – a complete scammer, not a broker!

  2. I live in the European Union, I opened a regulated account without any problems. But the problem is that the company itself does not provide opportunities for normal trading. Rather, they declare it all, but in reality there is nothing good. The spread starts from points, and when it expands it reaches 15-20 points. Even kitchens can’t afford that.

  3. These scammers do not allow you to open an account with a normal company. I tried twice to check in to get under Australian regulation. And twice I was sent to an offshore company. So it’s all lies. If you live outside, then you will register an account offshore and without any regulation.

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