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stable and safe Ranked top 10 worldwide in terms of volume and liquidity. Our internal has developed a security system with several incapable layers, providing your cryptocurrencies. Be there by your side 24/7 professional customer support. Knowledge to empower everyone, noobs and experts alike.

3 thoughts on “DigiFinex Review

  1. The DigiFinex exchange trades against clients. It seems that all real orders are blocked by bots. I open an order, I still have a minus. And then my order is closed by another order, of course, the loss is on me. And so almost every order. And if you try to buy some kind of order in a glass, you will not have time. Look, there’s no warrant. In short, this murky DigiFinex exchange, I do not advise you to cooperate with it.

  2. It makes no sense to trade in DigiFinex, since you will not be able to withdraw money anyway. My trading went well. I was glad that I could earn normal money, but I could not withdraw them. So my joy was short-lived.

  3. Access to the personal account on the DigiFinex exchange is blocked. I entered the password three times, it showed that it was not correct. Now I’m trying to contact the support to restore access. The bad thing is that it is very difficult to contact DigiFinex support. Email only, but they don’t respond to emails. While I’m waiting.

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