Dunamar Urbana SL review: When words don’t come true


Purchasing property abroad is a serious decision, and choosing a reliable agency is crucial. However, the experience with Dunamar Urbana SL in Spain raises questions and disappointment.

Prolonged Timelines: When Trust Faces Challenges
Trust in the agency is compromised when the deal-closing process is drawn out and fails to meet agreed timelines. This leads to a waste of time and resources, leaving clients feeling dissatisfied and disappointed.

Incorrect Recommendations: When Client Interests Aren’t a Priority
Realtors at Dunamar Urbana SL recommend properties with high commissions, disregarding the real needs of clients. This causes dissatisfaction and a sense of deception, as clients feel misunderstood and undervalued.

Wasted Time and Resources: Unworthy Practices
The time and money spent cooperating with Dunamar Urbana SL turn into missed opportunities. Misunderstanding client needs and inefficient deal management lead to disappointment and doubts about the agency’s professionalism.

Refusal of Accountability: Ignoring Mistakes
The agency’s refusal to correct made mistakes or offer alternative solutions leaves clients without protection and support. This indicates a lack of responsibility and professionalism on the part of Dunamar Urbana SL.

Recommendations for Future Clients: How to Avoid Similar Situations
Based on the experience with Dunamar Urbana SL, it is important to carefully choose a real estate agency and consider the reviews and recommendations of other clients. This can help avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments when purchasing property abroad.

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