Fayton Limited

Fayton Limited

Official website: https://fayton-limited.com
Phone: +36301297076
Address: 125 Wood St, London EC2V 7AW, Great Britain; Romer Floris utca 8, 1024 Budapest, Hungary
About company
Fayton Limited is a new generation company
Fayton Limited has been working with clients for more than 5 years in the direction of joint investment and profit.
We are constantly developing and providing more and more quality service to our partners. Our main specialization is securities and large investment portfolios.

3 thoughts on “Fayton Limited Review

  1. Guys, I want to warn you that these scammers are working undercover on different forums! They hooked up my friend there. They simply began to enter into dialogues, discuss various financial events, and then a certain “Kostyan” began to say that he had been trading for half a year at Fayton Limited and was making a lot of money. He offered to give the phone number of the office, and my friend contacted these charlatans. First I deposited 500 dollars, but they said that I need 1000 to start, although the site generally says 250. He added another 500, then transferred another 200 for commissions. A couple of weeks later, his zabaniki and that’s it, felita la comedy. He called and tried to find out why the account was blocked, but no one gave a normal answer. So, take every word you meet…

  2. These are charlatans who will persuade anyone!!!!!! and most of all they like to breed different pensioners, disabled people, single mothers. I have heard stories of how they work more than once (so you definitely shouldn’t contact them.

  3. When I registered with Fayton Limited, I went through the training course right away. They told me in detail what was happening, how to trade, etc. Then I deposited $300, traded for a week and increased the deposit. It is real to earn here, there would be a desire!!!

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