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FTX is an exchange founded in 2019. The company that owns it is registered in Antigua and Barbuda. Specializes in spot trading and derivatives of cryptocurrencies, as well as OTC transactions. FTX supports margin trading on select cryptocurrencies with a maximum leverage of 1:3. The exchange provides its own mobile trading application. Works with major fiats. The trading terminal allows you to make transactions using seven types of orders.

3 thoughts on “FTX  Review

  1. I had to hedge my position on a number of assets, and then I also lost money when I put one price on Ethereum at the end of the month, but it went down, as a result, my financial losses amounted to about 70 percent of the invested amount. It is also very good that I exited the asset 2 days before the end of the set date. Otherwise, all hundred percent would have been lost. I tried to trade some other assets, but there were also financial losses, despite hedging risks and trading 25% of the main remaining deposit. There is nothing but disappointment (. Also, with the withdrawal of the problem, I can’t understand what it is, with what joy I was blocked from transferring money

  2. Had to hedge…Lost money…Price went down…Etc. What kind of nonsense? How old are you? Where do you get all the money from? What kind of kindergarten? What is the stock market? No experience and knowledge – go to study trading content for the “little ones”. Why litter the information field?

  3. The situation is such that I don’t even know what to do next, because now I have hard minuses on FTX for almost all trading pairs, including Bitcoin. The put option simply brought losses, it exceeded the cost that I had set earlier, and after 14 days I simply had to buy it at a lower price, as a result, about $ 2,300 was lost. But then it was even worse, because my further conversations with representatives of this site came down to the fact that it was only me who was to blame for all this. And your disconnections, glitches on the platform, strange price changes – this has nothing to do with it?!

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