FX Protrading

FX Protrading

Website: https://fx-protrading.com

Telephone: [email protected]

Address: Marktgass 20, 9490 Vaduz, ​Liechtenstein

About company:

Our Strategy

At FXProTrading we evolve with the times. We aim to continuously refine our services to cater to the needs of traders in this highly dynamic industry.

  • Ultra-fast trade execution with no dealing desk intervention
  • Aggregation of prices from multiple LPs & access to a deep liquidity pool
  • Continuous research and development

Our Vision

Our customer centric approach places our clients’ needs at the heart of our operations.

  • Accessible trading to all through educational tools and constant support
  • Constant refinement of our services to meet and excel our clients’ demands
  • Adoption of ethical and transparent trading practices

Our Values

We are committed to creating a dynamic environment that equips traders with all the necessary tools for their trading experience with the utmost respect for them.

  • Unwavering commitment to transparency, excellence and innovation
  • Investment in research and development
  • Expansion and refinement of our business model to suit the trader’s needs

3 thoughts on “FX Protrading Review

  1. To begin with, my first experience with the project was successful and I was able to make good money. About a year ago, I started working with the project, I managed to trade on the Bitcoin and dollar currencies. Often it turned out to close deals with big profits. There was even a $300 plus close, which is a lot for me. Withdrawed money without problems. Today I wanted to resume work and earn some extra money. I invested $150 and blew everything. Then, I reached 48 dollars, I wanted to withdraw them and nothing happened. There is no money, the work of the project leaves much to be desired.

  2. I invest in different companies, since Amazon is in the lead and its owner is the first in wealth, I decided to definitely buy shares and monitor their growth or decline. Nothing has changed for more than a week and I decided to sell the shares and withdraw the money. The sale was successful, but the money could not be withdrawn. I constantly ask questions in technical support, she began to be rude to me. After my many questions, I get ignored and simply ripped off depositors. What happened to the project is not interesting to me honestly, the main thing for me is to take my money.

  3. That I just didn’t try both metals and stocks and tried to track currency quotes. Nothing worked. Not only is it difficult for me to deal with the site, but in addition, I constantly lose my money. The maximum that I received was 6,000 thousand rubles ($100), which I wanted to withdraw. Nothing succeeded. I left my number to call back, no one called me back and it’s absurd. As such a project, with such a reputation, it can freely breed people and draw money. If I don’t receive my money within the next two weeks, then my work on this will stop. Having such a customer base and brazenly breeding them, the project will not achieve much success.

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