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About company:

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency platform that includes an exchange, an IPO platform and a service for quickly exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat. LATOKEN has been operating since 2017. It is one of the twenty largest crypto exchanges in the world. Supports trading in over 450 cryptocurrencies. Its turnover is more than 300 million dollars per day. In addition, platform users can earn up to 160% per annum on staking coins.

3 thoughts on “LATOKEN  Review

  1. There was a period when I was looking for a new crypto exchange, because the conditions became worse on the previous one, so I decided to switch to a project that was still unfamiliar to me. I read on the Internet about different options, climbed on the forums. Eventually…

  2. I want to share my experience about Latoken. The exchange is not bad, although there are some jambs on it, for example, after the drop, I could not trade the received tokens, but this problem is solved by contacting technical support. You may also encounter…

  3. Around the age of 16, I became interested in cryptocurrencies, because it seemed to me a promising direction, I began to study the basics of trading. Now I already have good experience, but I can’t call myself a shark in this area …

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