Website: https://www.liquidityx.com/

Phone: +30 21 1199 5046

Address:  58, Metropoleos Street, 105 63, Athens, Greece

Email: [email protected]

About company:


LiquidityX offers traders a safe, secure and straightforward trading experience.
Upholding strict industry compliance requirements in each and every aspect of the company’s operations.


LiquidityX uses the highest standard PCI scan and SSL certificate to protect traders.
The security and integrity of traders’ funds is of the utmost importance, and all clients’ funds are kept in separate trust accounts with investment-grade banks.


LiquidityX professional multilingual support team works around-the-clock to ensure that traders will experience a first-rate trading experience.

3 thoughts on “LiquidityX Review

  1. You should not be led by the assurances of the company’s employees that you will easily and quickly earn a lot of money. These are all talk. This will not happen! My result is minus almost 10,000 bucks, and the nerves that you can’t buy are also pretty well spent. Divorce is everything.

  2. I have not yet met such a final broker in the six years that I have been interested in this type of income. There is such a p…k called Vadim Korolenko, so this creature persuades you to deposit money, and you need to deposit it through bitcoin. Then a representative of the company allegedly calls and says that you need to pay for insurance, then it turns out that you will need to pay for some more crap. All in all, a waste of money. No one will give you money.

  3. Does tech support work here? Four letters flew into the dumplings along the way, no answer, no hello! And the terminal both hangs and continues. Shame and not the stock exchange!

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