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Secure and safe bitcoin wallet
With possibilities of decentrilized blockchain access and exchange crypto currencies

3 thoughts on “Maridutrix Review

  1. These scammers do not allow you to open an account with a normal company. I tried twice to check in to get under Australian regulation. And twice I was sent to an offshore company. So it’s all lies. If you live outside, then you will register an account offshore and without any regulation.

  2. I also assume using kitchen technology. One of my trades after opening went in the opposite direction of the trend. Until I closed the deal. And then everything went according to the trend, but without me.

  3. I live in the European Union, I opened a regulated account without any problems. But the problem is that the company itself does not provide opportunities for normal trading. Rather, they declare it all, but in reality there is nothing good. The spread starts from 3 pips, and when expanded it reaches 15-20 pips. Even kitchens can’t afford that.

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