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Phone: +44 7438 989950

Address: Sovereign House, Stockport Cheadle, SK8 2EA, United Kingdom

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200+ Trading Pairs With An Innovative Trading Facility

Lightning fast execution. Low spreads.
An ideal tool kit for active day trading.

Global Stock Markets with no transaction costs

Invest from just $1, Trade from just $100

Hundreds of Stocks & Stock CFDs from various exchanges of the world, with no commissions!

Trade and Invest in 250+
Trading Pairs Today

Trade global markets with NixForex to take advantage of both rising and falling prices.

3 thoughts on “NIXFOREX REVIEW

  1. At first, the broker looked like a completely reliable and promising one, a considerable number of positive reviews inspire confidence. Who would have thought that they are all fake? NixForex themselves have artificially improved their reputation in order not to lose face, disguising themselves as a trusted agent, while cheating users for money. I think they have done this before, they just still get away with it. One day this should end, hope they close as soon as possible.

  2. I have been cooperating with NixForex for about two months. The impressions are mostly positive, because the agent can be trusted, he pays money regularly and does not interfere with earning. On the other hand, if you are just a beginner, then at first it will be difficult, because the training materials here are a bit tight. I transferred $2,000, and it took some time to recoup the investment, but then I got used to the platform. The company has its advantages, but still it is an “amateur”, so here everyone decides for himself.

  3. If you are also contacted on VKontakte and offered to make money on NixForex, then do not try to believe these scammers! I had the imprudence to contact them a couple of months ago, when I still believed that all brokers are honest and you can work with them without fear for your capital. Here my rose-colored glasses flew off, because the 1000 bucks that I decided to invest in the project were first taken away little by little, then for insurance, then by commissions, and then they wrote everything off completely!

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