Notary Chernigov Igor Olegovich reviews


Notary of Moscow Chernigov Igor Olegovich carries out his activities on the basis of License for the right of notarial activity No. 564 dated April 25, 2008. Order No. 635-nk dated December 6, 2011 of the Ministry of Justice on the appointment to the position of notary of Moscow.

+7 (495) 609‒00‒08
Moscow, Strastnoy Boulevard, 7 st1

2 thoughts on “Notary Chernigov Igor Olegovich reviews

  1. Stepping into this notary’s office was like attending a theater of errors, where every act was a display of incompetence and unprofessionalism, and my documents were the unfortunate audience.

  2. Opting for this notary was like stepping into a world where every transaction became an adventure, and my documents were the unwilling heroes of a perplexing plot.

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