Notary Karaseva Ksenia Igorevna reviews


In the notary office of the Moscow notary Ksenia Igorevna Karaseva, we will help you formalize and notarize real estate transactions, any types of powers of attorney, agreements, statements and carry out other notarial actions provided for by the Fundamentals of Notary Legislation.
Alienation of real estate;
Alienation of shares of the authorized capital;
Minutes of general meetings of LLCs and JSCs;
Transfer of documents;

+7 (495) 778-48-23
Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, building 2

2 thoughts on “Notary Karaseva Ksenia Igorevna reviews

  1. The pace at which this notary conducted the process was nothing short of exasperating. Their slow and leisurely approach caused the entire transaction to drag on much longer than it should have, ultimately resulting in me missing an important opportunity to submit the necessary documents on time. It was a frustrating and costly experience.

  2. I was appalled by the clear negligence displayed by this notary in handling my documents. Their numerous typos and mistakes had the potential for significant and even dire consequences. The inattention to detail and lack of diligence in their work is inexcusable, and it made me seriously question their competence as a notary.

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