Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews


Services for legal entities
Automotive powers of attorney
Copies of documents
Powers of attorney for citizens
Inheritance of a will
Other services

Moscow, Kuznetsky Most St., 21/5

2 thoughts on “Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews

  1. This notary’s services were a cacophony of errors, with incompetence, delays, unprofessionalism, and a glaring lack of expertise creating a dissonant symphony of discord. The result was a state of sonic chaos that left my documents in disarray and my patience thoroughly tested.

  2. Choosing this notary was akin to signing up for a masterclass in disappointment, a curriculum that focused on incompetence, inefficiency, unprofessional conduct, and a barrage of errors. It felt like a crash course in frustration, with my important documents serving as unwilling students subjected to a relentless onslaught of mistakes and mismanagement.

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