OpeNFTMarkets  Review



Website: https://openftmarkets.com/

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About company:

OpenNFTMarkets is a marketplace that sells a large number of NFT tokens in auction mode. The company that owns the platform is registered in the US. Its office is located in New York. The OpenNFTMarkets interface is only available in English. The cost of non-fungible tokens is set in USD or ETH.

3 thoughts on “OpeNFTMarkets  Review

  1. While I was in the red, everything was fine, money was always withdrawn, withdrawn in a couple of minutes. But as soon as I got a plus and decided to withdraw a larger amount, they began to reject applications, what kind of fun is this, they don’t ask for verification, the sl under is silent.

  2. These scammers stole my profit! they steal money from traders’ accounts, advertise and promise some profit margins, everything turns out differently. At the very beginning, when I opened an account with them and raised 44% of the amount of the first deposit, I decided to withdraw the profit, but all transactions began to be checked and, as a result, the profit was canceled, they accused me of using platform bugs, now I can’t get into the account at all, even to the site I close the path!! Fuck!!!

  3. Communicated with representatives of the company . I talked so much that they didn’t want to trade) They are just people from the street who don’t even know what Forex is, they even pronounce it incorrectly) What kind of trade? Divorce here!!!

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