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About company:

Paykassa is a service for processing online payments in cryptocurrencies. It allows you to accept payments on sites, issue invoices, and make mass payments. At the same time, the system provides detailed statistics for each transaction. Supports more than eleven cryptocurrencies. To connect the Paykassa gateway, you can use the platform API or modules for trading CMS (Opencart, Shop-script, HostCMS and others). For processing transactions, the payment system charges a commission of 4%.

3 thoughts on “Paykassa  Review

  1. They withdraw money, it is convenient to drive rubles only penny amounts. There is no income here as such, rather just a pastime with the ability to raise 50-100 rubles) Well, this is entertainment for loafer students

  2. By connecting PayKassa, I killed two birds with one stone – I was able to maintain anonymity and increase the flow of customers. The first is due to the features of the service. There is no KYC here, because it is essentially a platform for automating work with cryptocurrency. When connecting, I just indicated the mail, no verification needed to be passed. It’s just that if we consider traditional payment systems, then in any case you will be on the surface. And here everything is cool and anonymous. The increase in the number of clients was actually unexpected. It turned out that among the audience with which I work, there are a huge number of people using cryptocurrency. Accordingly, for them, the opportunity to use it as a payment instrument was very handy. The platform itself works reliably and processes payments with high quality. During the use, not a single transaction passed by. Of course, you have to pay money for this, but I would not say that another method of accepting payment would be more profitable for me.

  3. Used the aggregator for one project. I needed a service for accepting payments in crypto, so I decided to try it. It supported not only the most popular coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.), but also rarer altcoins. In total at that time there were 16 cryptocurrencies. It was also possible to work with fiat currencies (rubles and bucks) through e-wallets like Payeer, AdvCash, etc. Commissions are generally moderate, I paid 2-4% for withdrawal, depending on the currency. Everything worked properly, payments came and money could be withdrawn. In short, PayKassa copes with its purpose 100%. Also, the aggregator has a Russified version, so it is quite convenient to use it. All the necessary information on the settings is given, you do not need to gouge in support and ask a bunch of questions. The module is easy to integrate and works correctly.

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