ProBit Global

ProBit Global

Website: https://www.probit.com/ru-ru/

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About company:

ProBit is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in the Seychelles. It has been operating since 2018. It supports operations with more than 140 cryptocurrencies. ProBit Global has released its own token. There is also a cloud mining service on the exchange, in which income is accrued in the native coin of the project. The interface is available in Russian. The trading commission is 0-0.2%. The minimum commission is charged for transactions with the exchange token.

3 thoughts on “ProBit Global Review

  1. After a long and tedious background check (including an ID scan, a request that has been counter-intuitive and security-conscious for some time now), I deposited $500 to buy BTC. The deal failed and the cash disappeared from the exchange and its return was not easy. They demanded re-verification, i.e. a photo with an identity card. They attribute these difficulties to the safety of clients, but in fact the point is to prevent the client from withdrawing money already deposited. But I did take mine!

  2. I am quite happy with ProBit. There is an excellent choice of digital assets for trading with good liquidity, a powerful terminal and adequate commissions. The PROB token provides a number of privileges. For example, with it I get a discount on commission, an increased refbonus, participation in voting during listing, etc. In principle, it’s profitable to trade without it, but it’s better to stock up. I trade in plus, I withdraw my earnings monthly.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this platform. Registered in 2019. Everything was fine before. But for half a year, even selling their own Prob token takes them several days! So it’s easy to lose time and composure here. The support service has deteriorated badly and now does not respond to requests for a long time. From what works stably, as before, deposit a cryptocurrency.

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