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Reliance Capital Markets LTD

Reliance Capital Markets LTD

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As an internationally renowned financial transaction service provider, we are committed to providing retail customers and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives trading products, mainly including foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, CFD and other products. Reliance Capital Markets ltd It aims to build a world-class financial services platform for investors and provide a fully transparent STP-ECN trading environment and reliable customer service

Reliance Capital Markets ltd adheres to the purpose of «fairness, efficiency and wisdom» in the capital market to provide investors with perfect and high-quality financial supporting services. Investors can make more suitable investment plans according to their own requirements, and directly obtain quotations from the market through advanced trading software.

3 thoughts on “Reliance Capital Markets LTD Review

  1. The story of my work with Reliance Capital Markets began with an innocent offer to earn some money. Since I am new to trading, I first worked on a demo account. Everything was fine until I switched to real. Market behavior is very different. In addition, part of my transferred 500 bucks was immediately taken away, no one warned about this in advance. I am generally silent about the dubious stability of the terminal, only losses. I don’t think anyone stays here for long, I’m definitely not going to.

  2. in vain my parents fell for the persuasion of these scammers (the pensioners were offered to earn good money, but they had to invest all their savings. so they did. naturally, they were simply divorced and the money could not be returned (

  3. For a long time I dreamed of going into trading and really making money on it. Reliance Capital Markets came to hand quite by accident, but I liked the conditions and I registered. Started trading with $1,000, thought everything would go smoothly. How wrong I was … Damn swindlers began to pull from me again and again, came up with various reasons, then pay them extra insurance, or something else. And then they drained my capital to zero! Awesome experience I can tell you!

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