REV19 Capital

REV19 Capital

Website: https://rev19capital.com

Phone: +44 078 7738 9334

Address: 34 Wrexham Rd, Eydon NN11 3UN

About company:

Reliable broker for profitable online trading
The company provides one of the most balanced trading conditions on the world stage. In addition, the team is working on the implementation of unique IT solutions to improve the security and functionality of trading in financial markets.
Technological perfection of trading conditions
The main goal of the broker’s team was to create a universal platform for online trading of foreign exchange contracts and other instruments on CFD terms. The project’s technological infrastructure is based on the transparent STP/NDD model.
High quality brokerage service
More and more traders are joining a large and friendly team. This means that the customer service is really useful and effective, and the execution conditions allow you to receive predictable profits without surprises.

3 thoughts on “REV19 Capital Review

  1. they are the current paycet, they swindle people in different ways, more often through girls on a dating site and other such services, they invite you to chat on WhatsApp, they communicate for about a month before saying that they work with a friend with a crypt and can introduce them, they send screenshots, for persuasion and interest. At what I noticed, now almost every woman does this, along the way such a thing is very common. But he himself was green in this topic, did not bother to check the licenses and everything else. I contacted the lawyers here on the website in support, we will try to return the money through those people who paid on Binance for P2P buying USD, I don’t know how it will end. Maybe the Lawyers of this resource will help, it probably depends on the case.

  2. A smart broker, that’s for sure. With it, it is really possible to earn money for everyone who is ready to work. For its part, the company has done everything possible to make trading comfortable and safe. The terminal is excellent, I don’t complain about the customer service either, with the withdrawal of funds, the order is complete.

  3. And I managed to drive a little, and then something clicked in my head, and I found reviews. As everyone probably understood, I could not withdraw anything back (the office is open, but the money is not transferred

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