Official site: https://sarpec.com
Address: [email protected]
About company
SARPEC is a regulated broker and financial services provider for traders worldwide. We are also one of the fastest growing online brokers due to our principles, technology and client relationships.
Our mission is to make safe and low cost investment a reality for millions of users around the world.
Our company complies with strict international safety regulatory standards and is regulated by financial regulators in several countries.

3 thoughts on “Sarpec Review

  1. At first, the intermediary seemed reliable and honest, there were plenty of good reviews on all platforms. But in practice it turned out that not everything is so simple. Due to freezes and slippages of the terminal, it is almost impossible to make money on Sarpec, I’m still silent about commissions … Until you double your deposit, you can’t withdraw anything, even $ 100, to make sure that the agent is solvent. And I started with 1000 bucks, so they stayed there.

  2. This company has already tarnished its reputation for a long time. Sarpec shamelessly scams its loyal customers, massively blocks accounts, appropriating all investments to itself. A couple of months ago, they didn’t let me withdraw 500 bucks, they deactivated the account as soon as I tried to cash out the profit. So do not believe the beautiful words of these figures, all this is done with one goal – to deceive you for the largest possible amount with further blocking. Too bad they can’t be controlled.

  3. Fraud broker. The trading terminal is rigged. Credited Money immediately go do not understand where. The broker just draws numbers. Lost a very large amount. Don’t be fooled by the good reviews, it’s a scam!

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