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About company:

Savl is a crypto wallet for storing and managing assets that allows you to make secure P2P transactions through the web version of the program or a mobile application. The company places particular emphasis on the security of access to the platform. Each account is protected by a special key – a combination of 12 words. This key is unique, stored on the device in encrypted form, no one except the account holder has direct access to it.
List of supported coins
There is no complete list of supported cryptocurrencies on the savl.com website. It is assumed that it is possible to trade popular coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) and rarer currencies. A detailed list is available in your account after registration.
How to use the Savl wallet
Savl allows you to carry out a set of operations with digital assets. Users can store crypto money on accounts, send it to each other, commenting on the processes in the built-in Savl messenger.
The platform offers customers the following opportunities:
P2P market with direct exchange transactions without intermediary servers;
OTC trading with OTC trading worldwide;
news aggregator with up-to-date information from trusted financial sources;
service for paying for goods, services in bitcoins.
There is a market wallet for internal trading and a private wallet for trading with external blockchains.
Although the balance in the Savl personal account is displayed in fiat currency (rubles, dollars, euros), the account itself can contain only crypto money (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others). Therefore, you can replenish the wallet only with cryptocurrency. To do this, you can directly use the crypto wallet and the services of the exchanger. It is also available to purchase cryptocurrency through Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay.
Savl has a repost referral program whereby a user can share a link to a deal so that the buyer can participate in it without paying a commission. According to the affiliate program, the reward comes for every successful trade transaction.
Limits and commissions Saul
Savl charges a fee for the following types of transactions:
Sending from a private wallet. The amount of the fee varies and depends on the cryptocurrency used, the network load at the moment and a number of other parameters. The commission is charged only for the blockchain network.
For creating and posting ads. 0.5% of the total transaction amount is withdrawn.
When buying, selling or exchanging on someone else’s ad – 0.25% of the transaction amount.
Savl is a multifunctional trading platform for electronic money transactions, storage, exchange, sale of digital currency, over-the-counter trading. In addition to direct financial work with cryptocurrencies, Savl offers a news section that displays the latest financial market trends, forecasts, changes that may affect the course of trading, etc.

3 thoughts on “Savl  Review

  1. I downloaded it on google play on my samsung. When creating, you need to write down a phrase of 12 words, which can then be used to restore access if the phone is lost. The wallet itself on the phone is protected by a regular pin code. Basically, there are two wallets inside. One is secure, which stores private keys in the phone, and the second is internal, for quick transactions on the market. The second is needed only to quickly and without commission send crypto to other users or exchange it. In principle, all the same can be done with a secure wallet, but it will take longer and be paid, because transactions will go through the blockchain.

  2. A simple and convenient application for storing crypto and exchanging it in P2P format. I will reduce the rating due to verification. On the one hand, it is justified – there is a P2P exchange function. But on the other hand, I do not see a strong need for a KYC policy for a provider company registered in the Cayman Islands. The fact that the developer is from Switzerland does not matter here. I have not seen any licenses, so I have no guarantee that personal information will not be transferred somewhere. This is a hard minus. Otherwise, there are no complaints. A regular mobile wallet, inside which you can buy cryptocurrency from an automated service or trade it on a P2P exchange. There are many, this is just one of many. He did not find any special advantages, it is convenient and pleasant to use, but no more.

  3. Reliable application for working with crypto. In the latest updates (Android version), it was allowed to import a seed phrase not only from 12, but also from more words (up to 24). In addition to storing crypto, you can work with ads in the market, communicate through an encrypted messenger and read news from the crypto world. All internal transfers are commission-free (not counting the exchange, there is 0.5% for each party), external transfers are paid on the blockchain.

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