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Native token of the cryptocurrency platform of the same name, which is based on its own blockchain. The Velas cryptocurrency network is powered by Solana with built-in ETM. Velas is a staking coin. With its help, you can earn income by becoming a member of an already operating pool. And also by running your own pool. To do this, the validator must have at least 1 million tokens on his account. The creator of the pool receives 60% of the staking, and its members receive the remaining 40%.

3 thoughts on “Velas  Review

  1. It has long been a desire to put ovals in the front door). Put through spacers of 10 mm plywood))). I like.

  2. There was a set of velas, sobsn it is still there, some keys and screwdrivers were confused, I supplemented it with anything that came across. The elements do not hold well in the grooves of the suitcase, if moisture gets in, it immediately rusts before our eyes.

  3. I installed the radio, the choice fell on velas a4, the weight of the radio is 3.7 kg. Navitel in comalect, a bunch of cables, nothing needs to be wiser quickly, the sound is better than it was on Chorus, the amplifier plays loudly, it works, not an androyd of the minuses), the music plays well through bluetooth, well satisfied in general.

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