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About company:

Binvest.ltd was founded in 2012 in the UK. It specializes in raising funds from large and small investors for subsequent investment in the industrial mining of cryptocurrencies. And also in the operation of their purchase and sale on the exchanges. Binvest.ltd investment offer: $10-50 deposit at 2% per day. You can also invest at 3.5% per day. But at the same time, the amount of the minimum deposit increases to 5 thousand dollars. In addition, the project has a three-level referral program.

3 thoughts on “Binvest.ltd  Review

  1. Interest guarantee, high profitability, everything is sweet and fabulous, affiliate program, anonymity of the creators – does this remind you of anything? I see another fraudulent financial pyramid in Binvest, which wants to swindle me for money. I have invested in similar things before, and almost everywhere I just lost money. And something tells me that here I will also lose absolutely the entire deposit, no matter if it is 300 rubles or 35,000 rubles.

  2. If you want to invest here, then don’t even think, after a short period of time this nonsense will close, the site will not work. If you have invested here, well, try to withdraw, and do not invest any more. And if they do not allow you to withdraw, then take this as an experience.

  3. Something about their insurance seems quite miserable to me. Their insurer works at a loss, and legal proceedings are also open against him regarding debts. Something I can’t believe that a company with a loss of several hundred thousand rubles and with debts is able to pay insurance of 150 million rubles? Also, it is a private organization. Remember, if there should be insurance, then either from the state or from the top insurers, but not from some collective farm that is about to go bankrupt and close. I generally have the opinion that all this is some kind of scam, pseudo-investment. Perhaps, once they were running a normal and honest business, but there was no income, and the guys went all out of the way, along the path of fraudulent financial pyramids. I really don’t want to invest in something like this.

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