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About company:

The company was founded in 2018. Registered in the Marshall Islands. Massmining specializes in providing cloud mining services. Part of the funds invested by the client is used to pay for the maintenance of equipment and for the production of electricity. Massmining mines BTC and LTC. The projected return on investment is about 36% per year. Until 2025, the company plans to launch its mining pool.

3 thoughts on “Massmining  Review

  1. Before writing this, please provide data on how you lost your money. For 3 years, there was nothing like this in the company, there is not and will not be. Even the fact that you write about dollars suggests that you do not know anything about the company. You don’t even know that the company has nothing to do with dollars. It’s like I’m going to write about you who you are and what you are.

  2. This is a typical pyramid, just for the sake of appearance, they came up with a legend with a crypto farm) Whoever mines crypto will not look for small investors and conduct similar investment programs, supposedly investing investors’ money in equipment. For example, crypto farms expand and buy equipment and expand from the income received from current work, it’s easier and cheaper than paying interest to investors. Now all the pyramids are covered for a beautiful picture by non-existing projects. I’m not saying that they don’t earn money in this company, but it’s still a pyramid, just a long-term one and sooner or later this bubble will burst

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