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BitForex is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Singapore. Founded in 2018, BitForex supports trading in over 300 instruments. Including cryptocurrency derivatives, fiat pairs, indices, precious metals, raw materials, etc. Also, exchange users have access to a service for over-the-counter trading and an auction of NFT assets. For spot transactions, the platform charges a commission of 0.1%. For transactions with perpetual contracts — from 0.04 to 0.06%. The withdrawal fee depends on the cryptocurrency used.

3 thoughts on “BitForex Review

  1. All promotions of the exchange are scams, they try to lure people to the exchange by promising bonuses, but 99% of you will be deceived. The support of the exchange is just a name, no one will help you, if you persistently ask for help through telegrams, you will be banned there. I made a deposit in TRX in the winter, on a contract account, when I earned coins, I decided to withdraw part of the profit, but, alas, I failed to do this, it turns out that the exchange unilaterally changed the rules for depositing and withdrawing coins to futures accounts, without publishing these innovations , as a result, I could not replenish my account in case of bankruptcy, there was a stop loss, but it did not work … In addition, the exchange misleads you about the level of transaction liquidation, the liquidation price may differ from the actual one by several dollars, which most likely will lead to You to the loss of funds, no one will return them to you. In general, do not get fooled by this exchange, you will be left without money … Tested on myself ….

  2. Had experience on bitcoin brokers and of all – this one is the worst. The site frankly slows down, from which it is impossible to trade normally. Closing in plus works for me every other time, but when it’s in the minus, then everything is immediately pressed perfectly. There is no end to their managers – be prepared for eternal calls from their side without the slightest reason to impose additional. services. For withdrawal, it requires KYC, and even when it is entered, the payment lasts several weeks (support very conveniently refers to the high workload of the site and technical problems).

  3. I have been working with this exchange for about a year, everything is fine. All payments are steadily going and in general there have never been any problems with it for all the time. Here many complain about verification, but what’s the problem? Veref is quickly passed, and it is necessary to pass it already at every first exchange.

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