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Cryptocurrency exchange Nominex has been operating since 2017. It is registered in the Seychelles. Supports trading of seven cryptocurrencies. A native exchanger operates on the Nominex platform. As well as a service for receiving passive income by issuing cryptocurrency funds for lending to other users of the exchange. The size of the commission charged by the site depends on the total amount of the trader’s transactions per month and can range from 0.1 to 0.01%.

3 thoughts on “Nominex Review

  1. I would argue with this 24/7 customer support; I repeatedly had a big problem contacting them after 22:00. Apart from this situation, the platform is quite decent. Recently, a lot of events have been happening around Nominex, but I have been with them for a long time (almost from the beginning) and I am not going to change the site. Hope the tech support issue gets resolved.

  2. I recommend it for beginners as a boost. Great demo with exciting tournaments – WoT is resting =)! I fell in the tournament, I enjoyed it. Seriously, nothing particularly outstanding – neither bad nor very good. Trading pairs could be added, the $10 transaction threshold could be lowered, and the tricky referral could be simplified. I signed up because I found out about the affiliate program with Binance. It seems to be a sign of reliability.

  3. I have been trading on Nominex for about a year, the platform suits me 100%. Liquidity and assets from Binance with the possibility of lower fees or additional earnings on staking through the platform’s internal token is just a top combination. You can work with leading pairs, you can play on the rates of small altcoins (liquidity is at the level). The trading terminal is excellent, all orders are executed without delay. Only the high volume of the minimum order and the absence of some cross pairs can be attributed to minor shortcomings. But this is not critical.

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