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A cryptocurrency service that has been operating since 2017. CHATEX includes a mobile application and a Telegram bot for P2P cryptocurrency exchange. As well as an API gateway for accepting cryptocurrency payments on websites. In addition, CHATEX is launching its own online bank, whose clients will be able to earn money by placing cryptocurrency deposits and loans to other users. To do this, the project has issued its own CHTX token, which can also be invested in.

3 thoughts on “CHATEX Review

  1. Chatex is exactly the service that I have been looking for for so long to instantly exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa. The cue ball is withdrawn very quickly and at the same time the commission is minimal. The commission itself of 0.7% is much more profitable than exchangers on Bestchange rip people off, there is a commission of 5-10%, bitcoin at a price of $ 20,000, and they give $ 19,000 – this is a whole thousand difference, and this is 5%. What is significant, right? Where is 5%, and where is 0.7%. I immediately got accustomed to this service, an unrealistically convenient thing that allows you to quickly transfer funds. So, who, like me, is tired of constantly visiting these hung sites in the browser, where every second one is phishing, incomprehensible counterparties, then here is a wonderful functionality that I advise absolutely everyone.

  2. A friend decided to use Chatex, deposited bitcoins, but the bot didn’t work for the fourth day))) It was cool, I told him)) Well, how is it with money? Everything is sad, he says, the support is also silent)) That’s how you use these underprojects.

  3. Your friend ran into a clone of this bot, not the chatex itself. In chatex, support always responds with lightning speed and understands all situations, so they definitely would not allow this, friend.

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