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Address: 45TH STREET, FLOOR 15, NEW YORK, NY, 10036

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Blockchain wallet friendly with decentralized and p2p exchanges. Based on absolutely secured transactions system

3 thoughts on “Covocherde  Review

  1. may top the list of the worst crypto exchanges. There is a mass blocking of user accounts. The main reason is a possible hacking of the account. They deal with such things for a very long time, two or three months. During this time, all funds that are in the account are not available. Troubled Exchange.

  2. drains clients’ money, you can be sure. Any trade in this office will be unprofitable. It happened to me. Of the 18 trades, 15 were unprofitable. Despite the fact that I also have an account with another company. So there the number of profitable trades is much greater, exceeds the number of unprofitable ones. That is, he will not let you earn money with his manipulations.

  3. The crypto-exchange is engaged in a clear withdrawal of money. In the beginning, when I started trading on this platform, everything was fine, despite the fact that the commissions were higher than on other exchanges, nevertheless, trading was possible. However, subsequently, obscure additional and hidden fees began to appear, so I withdrew all my funds. Fortunately, the exchange still allows you to withdraw funds, but also not without significant fees. In addition, the number of trading instruments is limited.

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