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Istergrad Bitcoin Wallet

Istergrad is an easy-to-use, client-side, open-source Bitcoin client. Connect with the blockchain to send and receive Bitcoin from anywhere, or any device, instantly.

3 thoughts on “Istergrad  Review

  1. it is more aimed at CIS traders, and in terms of security, there are twofold feelings: there is a two-factor system, which is already good, but offshore registration does not inspire confidence. A two-tier affiliate program? Sounds good, but I’m not sure yet what I would suggest to my friends. Because in two weeks of trading here, my terminal hung up twice and profitable deals failed. So far I am referring to the work of the stock exchange on New Year’s holidays, but if this continues, it is unlikely that I will stay here for a long time. I tested the withdrawal, small amounts are withdrawn calmly. I’m not ready to pay large sums. The fees are low, but I’d rather pay more to get my money’s worth.

  2. Does tech support work here? Four letters flew into the dumplings along the way, no answer, no hello! And the terminal both hangs and continues. Shame and not the stock exchange!

  3. In my opinion, only the commission is more or less the norm, the rest is like everyone else, and even worse. I do not advise. They are not customer-oriented, because they cannot even answer a question normally in a chat. A bunch of complex sentences and you will get to the essence of FIG. In the course and in terms of trade, the same thing is here

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