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The Financista platform is a product of the work of the best developers and financial experts. It contains the most innovative instruments and functions for effective and successful trading. It is enough to have a stable Internet connection to get access to the most progressive trading platform on the market.

3 thoughts on “Financista Review

  1. I simply didn’t have any other words about this company, because it promised me one thing, but in fact I was left penniless and now I can’t even pay for a communal apartment. There is no money left at all. I will contact professional lawyers to try to conduct a chargeback. Of course, I understand that there is simply no absolute certainty that it will be possible to return your initial deposit.

  2. I immediately thought that this is a reliable company that you can trust and earn. While I was investing minimal amounts here, the cheaters were drawing profitable deals. However, this is not at all because they actually let me earn!!! It was only an imitation of trade, a cheap spectacle. But only I guessed about it only when I was about to withdraw funds. They just started fooling me, and then they blocked my account.

  3. These swindlers have deprived me of all means. I expected that I could earn normally with this broker and I would row money with a shovel, and now I’m sitting on beans. Scammers – I simply have no other words. Not only did these scammers deprive me of my livelihood, they also drove me into a debt hole. This is complete trash. I tried to get through to support, but all contact details turned out to be fake.

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