Q8 Market

Q8 Market

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We appreciate our team, which began to gather from specialists of various profiles in 2016. At that time, we had a goal to create a unique trading application that would be significantly different from existing platforms. We knew what shortcomings in the work of trading applications we would like to eliminate and set about implementing our ideas. Such great goals required regular replenishment of the team. We have specialists with whom we prepared prototypes of the application, made mistakes, redid the work, tested, coordinated the tools with the test team and, finally, created the unique application that is available to you now.

We are proud of the product that we managed to create with our wonderful team of like-minded people. We study trading processes to the smallest detail, we love finance and try ourselves as brokers. Our goal is to inspire you to love trading the way we love it.

We are confident in every employee of our team who lives by what he does.

3 thoughts on “Q8 Market Review

  1. All in all it was pretty good. It turned out to earn and even withdraw once a small amount. I thought: here it is, my ideal crypto broker! And then a surprise came: the deal closed with a huge minus and, in general, against all rules and logic. I let’s figure it out, but I was boarded, they say this situation is not subject to discussion. In terms of?? This is my money, you broke your own rules, left me with a minus and don’t want to deal with it? In short kitchen, here’s my verdict

  2. In my opinion, only the commission is more or less the norm, the rest is like everyone else, and even worse. I do not advise. They are not customer-oriented, because they cannot even answer a question normally in a chat. A bunch of complex sentences and you will get to the essence of FIG. In the course and in terms of trade, the same thing is here

  3. They withdraw money, it is convenient to drive rubles only penny amounts. There is no income here as such, rather just a pastime with the ability to raise 50-100 rubles) Well, this is entertainment for loafer students

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