Garant Market

Garant Market

Website: https://garant-market.com

Phone: 07717804459

Address: 30 St Mary Axe, London UK

About company:

Garant Market — a reliable investment platform

Wide functionality, user-friendly interface, a large number of trading instruments.

3 thoughts on “Garant Market Review

  1. Uuuuuuh…can’t believe these bitches robbed me. And it all started so harmlessly … For two days in a row I delved into everything and the manager helped me in this, we communicated with him so kindly, but to no avail … I started trading, paid for one thing, another, then added more money to the account, since the manager Roman advised to select several assets at the same time. I decided to withdraw part of the money in a couple of weeks, but he immediately began to call and say that this was not possible, since there would be no point in trading, we must first fix it well. Another 2 weeks passed and Roma disappeared somewhere. I only understand now that as soon as he realized that I would not transfer a penny anymore, he decided not to waste time on me (((And a little later my account was blocked. I tried to log in both from the phone and from the laptop, but to no avail 0 .

  2. I don’t have time to constantly trade, delve into everything and analyze assets. Therefore, I decided to transfer money to a PAMM account. I started with a few hundred and now I’m already calmly transferring 4-5 thousand and earning. Such a passive income. Great stuff, I recommend it to everyone.

  3. I can not understand why there are no licenses on the site? Searched and searched but didn’t find anything. The support somehow doesn’t really help either, they immediately leave the topic. Xs how to be.

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