Direct Option Trade Review

Direct Option Trade

Direct Option Trade

Website: http://directoption.online

Phone: +44 7438 004145

Address: Glasgow, England

About company:

Invest for Future in Stable Platform and Make Fast Money

Sign up today and invest in what works with plans that suits you. Get registered within minutes and get started with as little as $100. Trusted by many since 2010 with over $15billion in trade profits.

About DirectOptionTrade

DirectOptionTrade mission is to democratize access to investing in all crypto assets. We want to educate consumers who are at the forefront of investing in these new exciting technologies and projects. We want to put consumers first and empower them to gain confidence and build long term wealth with crypto assets.

  • Global Access

Your Dashboard can be logged in from anywhere in the world, even from your smart phone.

  • Cyber Security

Ultra secure systems to safeguard your deposited funds and profit.

  • Legal Company

DirectOptionTrade is a legal investment company incorporated and headquartered in UK.

3 thoughts on “Direct Option Trade Review

  1. fucking goats squeezed my savings! They promised a good income without any risks, but they themselves just threw me! I never thought that there were so many scammers in this area too

  2. Since the company was recommended by many, I decided to start immediately with the Silver tariff, transferred 3,000 dollars to the account. Profit was supposed to come in a month. At the end of 30 days, not a cent was credited to me, although they should have been at least $ 300. Naturally, there were questions. The support never got in touch, so I filed an application for the withdrawal of my capital, and that’s where I got in … It turned out that it was impossible to withdraw anything from here. No matter how hard I tried, it didn’t work.

  3. From the very beginning, I didn’t really like it here, but the scammers still persuaded them to trust. It was worth listening to intuition and not transferring the last savings to DirectOptionTrade. This mistake cost me almost $ 1,500, which I never managed to return (well, what a misfortune

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