Website: https://finnscon.com

Phone: [email protected]

Address: 92 Parr Road, London, England, E6 1QH

About company:

FinssCon Limited offers Easy and Big Passive Income by investing in a constantly changing crypto market.

Our system works with selected contractors with the full range of DeFi protocols to find the best return on investment with the lowest possible risk using the best platforms such as Compound, Curve, Binance, Aave, Kraken and many more.

3 thoughts on “Finnscon Review

  1. Worsteeeeee guys my decision in the form of attachments. Before us are classic scammers who do not plan to not only earn money, but also withdraw the money transferred to them. So it is better to think well than to invest headlong. a classic scam designed for inexperienced users.

  2. Normally, crooks ride on the ears. The operator Gennady guaranteed me a big income with minimal immersion in the process itself. It’s just that there is no income. I deposited 100 dollars, the capital began to grow, and stopped at 400 dollars. I applied for a withdrawal. Cabinet block.

  3. My salvation is that I had 100 bucks on hand. It would be more, invested more. But in fact, it saved me. Now they do not know how to withdraw money. I study the intricacies of chargeback. I don’t know what to do at all. I understand that the amount is not very large. But the fact itself.

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